Use our Marmaris holiday guide to help you find out what to do and where to travel in Marmaris to make the most of your Teletext Holiday
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far away the Marmaris

24 December 2013

The unmatched beaches of Marmaris are İçmeler beach, Turunç Halk beach, Cennet Adası beach, Sedir Adası beach, Uzunyalı beach,Boncuk koyu beach. On Marmaris holiday the bays which should be seen are  Turuç bay, Selimiye bay, Bozburum bay, İçmeler bay, Kumlubük bay, Çiftlik  bay, Bördübet bay and Sedir ıslands. On Marmaris holiday the ancient places should be seen  are Hafza Sultan Caravanserai, Marmaris museum, Marmaris castle, Halıcı Ahmet Urkay museum, İbrahim Ağa Mosque, Tashan Kemerli Bridge. At Marmaris Museum many arts belong to Roman has been displayed. Hafsa Sultan caravanserai was built in 1991. On Marmaris holiday Hacı Ahmet Urkay Museum is one of place that need to be seen. Hacı Ahmet Urkay Museum which is on Muğla way is 10 kilometers far away the Marmaris.

Marmaris Cove immersed

24 December 2013

Marmaris Cove immersed in the captivating aroma of pine trees, here is the edge of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.
And If we ignore the endless riot of colors, and walk around to the city center, you can stumble on a strong stone castle – Marmara Kulesi It was built in Ottoman times.
To the north from Marmaris, in the Bay Gökova is situated Cleopatra Island with its milky color sand and the clearest water.Many people say that the sand on the island brought by Mark Antony from the Egypt to spend a month here with his beloved Cleopatra.
This place is impregnated with flavor of Turkish culture. And in the Bedestan\’s garden you can take a break from shopping enjoying a cup of Turkish coffee.
I can tell you very much but everyone knows the simple truth – it is better to see once.

the Ottoman Period

24 December 2013
Marmaris Castle  was made in 1521 during the Ottoman Period.  Marmaris is in the district of Muğla . The castle was renovated several times during the years.
Marmaris Castle is giving quite  informations about the Evliya Çelebi . We learn by Evliya Celebi that the castlle was used as a military base .During World War I a large part of the castle was destroyed.
Visiting historical places in your location is one of the most pleasurable things to do during your holiday. You can combine sand, sun, fun and at the same time culture. The ancient historical sites takes you from past to present and breath the air of that era is a great feeling. Marmaris Castle and its structures is a place to see if you want to make a trip in the past.

the lost paradise

24 December 2013
In the neighborhood of Marmaris there are some small resort towns, among them are İçmeler and Turunç, which are called \”the lost paradise\”. They are located in the magnificent place with sandy beaches, exuberance of vegetation and a blue lagoon at the foot of the mountains.
There is a large selection of entertainment in Marmaris for tourists – lots of discos and bars, several water parks, scuba diving, rafting, jeep safari, interesting excursions to visit the Greek island of Rhodes, the Dead Sea and the legendary city of Ephesus.
What is Marmaris? It is a place with the bright sun, golden sandy beaches, warm water and a cloudless sky, and, of course, a remarkable level of service. All the things that you need for a great holiday!

ecologically clean resort

24 December 2013
Marmaris is a very beautiful and the most ecologically clean resort in the south-west part of Turkey. It is located in the junction of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. Bright tropical vegetation, rugged coastline with multicolored rocky slopes, picturesque islands in the clear sea – these are the things that attract many tourists.
Marmaris bay is surrounded by mountains and hidden in the lush vegetation of pines and eucalyptus.
Marmaris is an ancient Turkish city. It was founded in the 6th century BC. A reminder of the city\’s past is an ancient Marmaris Castle, which is located around the old town with its colourful bazaar and a large harbor with lots of white beautiful yachts. Every year in May the International Sailing Regatta is held in Marmaris.

very calm moment

24 December 2013
The national park of Marmaris is located at a distance of 6 kilometres from the city’s centre. It is a place rich of fauna and flora. You can discover a very large choice of plants and you can enter into the wild life. Some tours operators offer the possibility to discover this rich area with horses. Horse safaris will take you into the nature and make you go through the orange trees and other plants. The excursion often longs for 3 hours during which you will escape the crowed city and enjoy a very calm moment.
You don’t have to know ride a horse to join this excursions. Instructors and guides will accompany you during your visit. This unforgettable experience will make your holiday more attractive

prefer a friendlier place

24 December 2013

Marmaris offers a very large choice of accommodation. The number of tourists who are chosen Marmaris for their holidays grows up every year. İn order to face deal with this increase the city of Marmaris is working a lot on the hotel offers. The hotels number also grows up every year. You can find in Marmaris the hotel able to answer all your requests. Hotels from 2 to 5 stars offer you a comfortable stay. The holiday village offer the families a funny holiday. İn this village children are take care by the entertainment team so that parents can spend time together. The all inclusive system is also a facility for families. You can also rent a villa during your holiday if you prefer a friendlier place.

camping in Marmaris

24 December 2013
Marmaris offers tourists who like adventure a lot of activities in the nature.
You can practise trekking over the natural areas like rivers, mountains or canyons. You can also practise jeep safaris or quad safaris. But also rafting, horse riding and climbing. You will so discover the magnificent landscapes and practise the activity you like. Moreover you will meet the local residents of small villages and see how Turkish people are smiley and welcoming.
You can also practise camping in Marmaris. For this some beaches and areas are equipped with all facilities to make this moment comfortable.
Marmaris offers also the possibility of hunting tourism. For more details about the period and the area you have to contact before your coming the park directors of Marmaris.

Aqua parks of Marmaris

24 December 2013
Aqua parks of Marmaris are a gbest choice for those if  you want to have entertainment. Particularly young people and  children flock to this Aqua parks. It’s guaranteed to have fun and recreation in a safe environment. There are 2 water parks in Marmaris: Aqua Dream Water Park and  Atlantis Water Park.
There are a lot of activities you can participate in order to make your holidays more exciting and funny.  
For example in Marmaris you can practise a lot of extreme sports. Among this we can mention Trekking, Canyon climbing, Hill climbing.  Marmaris Canyons, rivers edge and the ancient cities constitute an ideal region for trekking.  Beldibi, Artmutalan ,  Içmeler and Yerkesik-Sarnıç village are also very convenient places for mountain hiking and climbing.

Indeed Marmaris

24 December 2013
Marmaris is synonym of nightlife. Indeed Marmaris offers a very large choice of entertainments. Everyone can find here the holiday he wants to live.
We can divide the Marmaris nightlife into 3 categories. The first category is the Uzunyalı seaside. It is full of restaurants, cafes and bars with live music. You can have fun here until 12.00 pm.
If you want to have fun after midnight you have to go to the Bar Street and here the night is long and you can listen to every all kinds of music (pop, rock, R&B).
If you don’t want such a noisy night so you can go to the Netsel marina. Here enjoy the very good cuisine of the restaurants and listen for live music. 
Whatever your definition of fun, you will find it in Marmaris.